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How To Make A Birch Bark Torch

A bark torch burns the resin found in birch or the wood placed in the center of it. Tear a big piece of bark from a birch tree and roll it into a tight cone then wrap it with cordage. It is often call a Birch bark torch simply because Birch bark is very well suited to torch making. Most barks are either to brittle or much harder to harvest.

To make one strip some thick birch bark about 6 inches wide and 2 feet (.6 meters) long. It might curl up but if it doesn't then make it curl up. Insert a stick into the opening at that end and tie up the bundle with cordage to keep it coiled. The stick will be the handle.

Simply light the other end and hold the torch upright and it will give you light for about 15 minutes. Wave the torch around whenever it appears to be going out.

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