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The End Is Just The Beginning!

Is the end of the world near. I for one do not know. Many others will tell you yes. They don't know either. Others will tell you no. They definitely don't know. By "The End Of The World", I mean, the end of the world as we know it today.

There are numerous reasons people believe The End is near. Some are ridiculous and unfounded. But many of the causes are just a matter of time. Reasons range from nuclear war, to terrorism, to solar flare, zombie attacks, alien attacks, man-made biological weapon releases, naturally occuring epidemics, super volcanoes, astroids... should I continue?

Whichever senerio you think will happen is not neccessarily important. It could be in some aspects but the results will be the same. A break down in society. Mass looting and everyone for themselves. Simply turning of the electricity for 24 hours will always result in deaths. Keep it off long enough for local supplies to run out with little hope of it ever coming back on and the stuff you see in movies would not even do justice to the horrors that will go on within days. Once their is no police and no fear of some authority people will quickly revert back to preying on each other with no regard to the value of life. For many that value will be zero!

This is where preperation before hand comes in. Now is the time to prepare. To what degree you prepare is up to you. Everyone seems to have a different idea of how seriously to take the current situation. Some sale their homes and move to preferred locations others do nothing or anywhere inbetween. Some stock pile food. But what do you do when that runs out assuming you can even hang on to it until it runs out? That is basically why I have built this website.

Do you know how to start a fire using only sticks? Do you know how to make improvised tools? What natural plants are good medicines? Once the electricity goes out you will not be able to get on the internet to find out! So I decided I needed to compile these after the end survival skills in one place and put them into a binder for future reference. Since I have some web development skills I figured I would share. People that decide to prepare even if just by increasing knowledge are the type of people I want around when the shit hits the fan.

In a survival situation knowledge is more important than anything. Hopefully you will print out this manual and keep a copy handy. It does little good to know you can make alcohol if you still don't know how to do it.

I hope the end isn't near but if it is I hope that these pages can help save lives.

Since these pages are intended to be printed out I have included a print button in the top left corner of the page. If you click on this print button it will send the article part of the page to your printer, leaving off the menu and other parts that are not important.

This website is far from complete. Whole sections are still in need of being added. Sections that do exist are only partial works with more info to come. If you would like to contribute articles please do. This is a huge undertaking and I can use all the help I can get and I can't be an expert in everything.

Feed back is welcome and encouraged. Contact me via email at: